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What's Your Thought?

We are taking an informal (non-binding) poll of our members and friends to see what preferences are out their regarding Sunday morning schedules and meeting times. Take a look at the form below and reply to our office by email or by calling 336-6780.


1. Would you prefer worship to be held at a different time? (Choose one of the options below.)

a. Yes. (Name a new start time: ____________.)

b. No - keep the current time.

2. Would you like to keep our Fellowship the same?

(Choose one of the options below.)

a. Yes - keep the current format.

b. No - drop it entirely.

c. No - hold it once monthly for Special Days.

d. No - have a “coffee bar” instead.

3. Would you like to add Sunday School to the schedule? (Choose one of the options below.)

a. No.

b. Yes - replace Fellowship with Sunday School.

c. Yes - schedule Sunday School with Fellowship.

If “Yes,” what time do you want it to start? _________)


1. On what day do you prefer to hold regular & special business meetings? (Choose one of the options below.)

a. Sundays after services.

b. Any day but Sunday.

2. Do you prefer to have a meal with a meeting? (Choose one of the options below.)

a. Yes - have a meal with the meeting.

b. No - have no food with a meeting.

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