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F.Y.I. = For Your Information

A Summary of Our September Quarterly Business Meeting

Old Business

  • Approved the funding of the purchase of an AED machine. Free training will be offered as part of a “Health Day” event later this year.

New Business

  • A proposal to purchase a new sign was defeated. The entirely new sign had a budget of $18,000 and would have required taking out a loan. An alternative solution to the problem of our aging sign will be created.

  • A proposal to purchase a new telephone system was approved. Our old system has failed four times in the last three months. A refurbished system will be purchased for $1,545.

  • A request from Oakwood Park Christian Church to use our facility on Sunday afternoons in October was approved. Oakwood became homeless after selling their facility and being delayed in occupying their new facility. A team will be appointed to meet with Oakwood and create a covenant that will specify the details.


  • Nominating Committee = A committee has been appointed for 2018-2019. We will meet soon to address recent resignations and nominate a slate of officers for 2019.

  • Constitution Review Ministry Team = Has published - for information and discussion purposes only - the first draft of sections of our constitution they have discussed. We will soon publish a paper that will answer questions and comments we have already received. Keep your feedback coming!

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