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Reunion Sunday Tentatively Set for June 7


· All public services on Sundays and at midweek are cancelled. The office is open weekdays, 8:30-1:00.

· Video worship is offered on our YouTube channel: go to, type “EBCSF” in the search bar, press “enter” and our page will appear. Click on the video you want to see. As the video plays, put your cursor near the bottom of the screen. A tool bar will appear. To the right side of the tool bar you will see the letters "CC" within a box. Click on that to add subtitles.

· We offer a Daily Prayer sent via Call-Em-All. You must contact the office to opt into this calling group. These calls go out every day (except Saturday) at 7:00 pm, lasting two minutes.

· The deacons have a program to help church families affected by COVID-19 economic losses. If you know a household in need, contact the office.

· We offer an online study of the book of Revelation. Contact the office to get your digital or paper copy of chapters one and two. A new video presentation of the study will be offered at our YouTube site every Wednesday.

"Reunion Sunday"

Our Advisory Board has set Sunday, June 7 (Communion will NOT be served) as a tentative date for re-convening for public worship. Here are our guidelines for safe worship:

· Observe social distancing of six feet or more. When greeting, do not exchange handshakes or hugs. When seated in the sanctuary, do not sit directly in front of, behind, or beside someone not of your household.

· If you wish to wear a mask, you must bring your own. Masks will not be required nor will they be offered.

· If you wish to wear gloves, you must bring your own. Gloves will not be required nor will they be offered.

· Offerings will be brought to the front. (Persons unable to walk up front may raise a hand to be assisted by an usher.)

· In the future, when Communion is served, everyone is invited to come forward to be served. (Persons unable to walk up front may raise a hand to be assisted by a deacon.)

· Avoid touching your face except with a tissue.

· Sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow.

· Wash your hands or use the sanitizer dispenser before entering the sanctuary and when exiting.

· There will be no Fellowship time after the service.

Everyone should understand; church worship is voluntary. If you are not comfortable with attending in-person worship, you may choose to stay home. We will continue to offer online video worship as an alternative to attending in person.

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